30 Day Logo Challenge
To start off 2019 I decided to take on Logocore's 30 Day Logo Challenge. Each day I was emailed a new design brief to create a logo for various fictional companies. This project helped me further my fundamental design skills and branch out into different styles of logo design.

Starting out my logo a day challenge was an exploration for cosmetic brand Alison Cosmetics.
I wanted to give the brand a clean logo that read well on all applications but still had a personable and engaging quality.

Zelda guide is community site for all things Legend of Zelda.

Triplewp is a Wordpress application that simplifies the Wordpress user experience.

Freight 1 acts as a middle man for shippers and truck companies. They specialize in finding optimal routes for sensitive cargo.

Client wanted a logo that captured the simplicity and quality of their food.

Slash films specializes in providing camera equipment and props to film crews.

R visualizations is a photorealistic architecture firm in Santa Monica.

Shenzen Bubble Tea is a kiosk based boba tea shop.

Scarlet is a visual effects studio in Manhattan. The company needed a new identity that was versatile and simple.

Retro prints is a small printing house in San Francisco that sells limited edition poster prints and merchandise of classic films and comics.

Vortex solutions is big data analytics company that logs user data from a website and converts it to readable information that can be used to improve sales, leads, pitches, and user experiences.

Crisp decor is a blog that covers all things interior design and decor.

Sound 360 is a hardware startup that develops speakers that can map 360-degree videos onto stereo speakers for interactive events.

Radnika foundry is a new type foundry that specializes in a range of typefaces.

Ethereum academics is an online school that teaches computer science students how to code on the Ethereum network.

Faaashion is blog that curates upcoming fashion trends and photography.

Authentically Canadian is a certification program that identifies companies proud of their products being fully made in Canada.

Laser cut is a company that specializes in laser cutting technology and acts as an alternative to 3D printing.

Tabspace simplifies the process of debugging code for software engineers.

Quantum develops open-source frameworks for PHP developers to use when creating online applications.

Paperback creates custom packaging, trays, and inserts for a variety of worldwide companies.

JP lettering is a small studio in Vancouver that specializes in murals and hand-lettering typography.

Tricks&Flips partners with large skateboarding media outlets and personalities to develop custom-made merchandise for their brand.

Florals is a game development studio that produces small iOS games about human relationships.

Concerto is a company that provides message updates about local artists and provides the best ticket prices.

Hiatus HR is a human resource company that builds softwares to help manage start ups.

Hyperfoil is a new clothing brand run by the fashion director of blade runner.

TXT is a custom-built app that is installed on a company’s subdomain where employees can log in to brainstorm project ideas.

Trim VFX is a studio that focuses on fictional user interfaces like futuristic screens you would see in Star Wars.

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