Branding for collegiate wind competition

Project Brief
The goal for DNWND was to capture the theme of the brand and portray it to their target audience. The client’s plan is to develop on-site wind turbine generators that can create a grid for customers to power their own facilities. They have some competition in brands like solar city, Nextera, and Tesla. My goal was to differentiate them from the competition with a clean, timeless, and memorable design. The brand will be dealing with corporate companies and big business so I want to give them a clean professional logotype. 
The main audience of DNWND is Ski resorts in California and wineries. I targeted these niches while still maintaining the feel of a corporate identity with professional brand recognition. This posed as a challenge to blend three worlds, Action sports, wine, and corporate companies.

The final logo after multiple revisions was a combination of the first and third proposed logos. The typeface is a modified version of SUI Generis and is paired with the DNWND symbol. The typeface gave the brand a sleek aesthetic while still capturing the corporate feel and pairing it with the symbol represented wind, power, and change through sustainable energy, helping bring together the final logo system. 
 I chose this color palette because they represented inviting corporate colors paired with a calming green to signify sustainability and environmental awareness. 
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